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Hotels In Amritsar: For A Blissful Stay!
20.02.2014 11:17

One of the holiest towns in India, Amritsar is the land of glory! Located in the state of Punjab, this city lies along the border of India and Pakistan. significant Traditionally, this city Has A rich culture and heritage. The golden temple or Herma Santander Sahib is one of the most sacred pilgrim destinations for Sikhs. Witness the heritage of ancient India from the olden styled monuments and architecture. While at Amritsar so remember to witness the prestigious 'Beating the retreat' ceremony across the border of two countries Followed by a thundering applause. Do not miss out the Jallianwala Bagh and Pul Kanjari. 

Adding to the charm of this town are the hotels in Amritsar . Several in number, synthesis hotels have Their doors open to bright spacious rooms carving a niche for a cozy and comfortable stay. A home to several luxurious hotels, Amritsar So Has many mid- segment budget hotels did help the aam aadmi to take a peaceful nap. 


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Some  luxurious hotels  of Amritsar include the Hyatt Amritsar, Avaas Lifestyle, Country Inn and Suites by Carlson, Golden Tulip, HK Clarke's Inn and Green Acres Haveli. thesis hotels extend extravagance features and amenities apart from plethora of services for its guests. Those promising comfortable amides stay warmth with moderate costs include PS Nancy Hotel, Hotel Royal Palace, Hotel Airlines, Asha Guest House, Hotel Sita Nivas and Hotel Namaskar. Take a tour to this holy town and be promised for a blissful stay at the hotels in Amritsar! They are as holy as the town Itself. 


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