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Traveler’s Choices in Matheran Hotels
31.05.2014 15:08

Matheran is one of the most visited hill station tourist destination in Maharashtra. The place is blessed with the scenic beauty of mountains and lush greenery all around. One special thing about Matheran is that being a highly eco-sensitive place, motor vehicles are banned at this place and you can experience a totally pollution-free the environment here. There are a few Matheran hotels at this comparatively smaller town, which you have to book in advance if you are planning a visit to here. For the tourists, there are many waterfalls, green valleys, and about 33 different viewpoints to be seen at Matheran. The Coronation Point and Louisa Point are a few to mention as the most visited places in Matheran.


Matheran hotels offer a highly facilitated accommodation to the travelers with many special features like light dinner, rooms with flower decoration, and giving a feel of living in the midst of nature. There are modern features too as discotheque, swimming pool, wi-fi connectivity, doctor on-call, 24-hour room service, travel desk etc. at majority of the premium facilities.


For the honeymooners at Matheran, Hotel Panorama is a good hotel to choose. The Byke Heritage is another facility that is just about 150 meters away from the Charlotte Lake, featuring rain dance, discotheque, restaurant, bar etc. Rangoli retreat is another premium facility offering children’s play area, pool, and a vegetarian restaurant. Neemrana's The Verandah in the Forest is a heritage property, which offers a very holistic experience to the guests in the midst of wilderness. Matheran hotels booking can be done online through the travel and hotel booking portals.


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